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Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

The Sapthagiri hospital is a thoughtfully designed structure showcasing the need of a modern specialty hospital with a remarkable infrastructure facility for housing 1200 beds and four operating theatres at present. The hospital has an area exclusively for outpatients and a visitor's lounge with the latest facilities. The hospital provides a range of clinical specialties, modern diagnostic facilities offering integrated care and has all the amenities of an ultra modern hospital.

Sapthagiri hospital has all the modern amenities housed at one destination and is an added advantage to the clinical facilities. Each floor has a visitor's waiting room area with comfortable seating arrangement and TV sets for leisure and comfort.

Sapthagiri Institute of Physiotherapy is a private physiotherapy college established in 2015 by the Sri Srinivasa Educational & Charitable Trust, an educational trust with the vision of providing quality medical education and physiotherapy training to all students.

We Provide Physiotherapy services and rehabilitation services included Out patient, inpatient and fitness. Patients with stroke, head injury, spinal cord injury and who require long term rehabilitation and short-term rehabilitation can take admission in physiotherapy and we take care of the patients. Individualistic Physiotherapy protocol will be prepared and delivered by the experienced physiotherapist. We have our own medical college - Sapthagiri Hospital with general, super specialty and multi-specialty and Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center where you can get holistic treatment.

Sapthagiri institute of Physiotherapy classroom consists of 17 classrooms that is 4 lecture room, 4 classroom, 9 labs . The Department of Physiotherapy collaborates with the students of medicine and other allied sciences. This fosters an academic environment where they learn and grow together. Through an integrated committee of cultural, literary and sports teams, and collaborative community programmes, the students learn to respect and work with other streams of health sciences.

Practical Labs for Physiotherapy Departments

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Microbiology
  • Pathology
  • Electro Therapy
  • Exercise Therapy
  • Cardiorespiratory
  • Ortho
  • Neuro

Equipment facilities

Lab Equipment Required
Anatomy 1 Mannequin 1
2 Articulated Skeleton 1
3 Cadavers 2
4 Soft Parts All
5 Histology Slides 50
6 Microscopes 20
7 Couches 2
Lab Equipment Required
Physiology 1 Microscopes 20
2 Stethoscope 1
3 BP Apparatus 20
4 Neurological Testing Unit 1
5 All other facilities required for practical as per the syllabus
6 Couches 3
Lab Equipment Required
Biomechanics 1 Articulated Skeleton 1
2 Major Joint Models All
3 Joint and Muscle Charts As Available
4 Goniometers different types 4
5 Couches 5
Lab Equipment Required
Electrotherapy 1 Hot Pack Unit 1
2 Cold Pack Unit 1
3 Wax Bath Unit 1
4 SWD 2
5 Ultrasound 3
6 Stimulator 6
7 Ultraviolet Lamp 1
8 Infrared Lamp 1
9 MWD 1
10 IFT Unit 3
11 Laser 1
12 Tens 2
13 Couches 5


Treadmill is used for workout can be controlled by the user, the speed, incline, warm up period, cool down period, and energy spend. Therapeutically we are using this for our patients and students will be getting hands on training.



The Sapthagiri College Library is well equipped with Medical Books, National and International Journals. In library separate information center with computers having dedicate high speed internet connection is made available. To promote knowledge generation and application through effective dissemination to keep all Library users aware on the latest developments in the field of course curriculum and research and its related areas in and around the world.

Examination Hall

In Sapthagiri college there is separate examination hall at a time 250 students can write the exams it is in 7th floor.

Sapthagiri Institute of Physiotherapy Hostels

Sapthagiri Institute of Physiotherapy is the place to shape up a dream career. This is the preferred destination of students all over for a career in Physiotherapy. A world of opportunity awaits here with superior technology and the latest facilities and infrastructure of the highest standards.


College Hostel, facility at Sapthagiri Institute Physiotherapy is on par with the latest infrastructure and there is a staff consisting of caretakers/ block supervisors, other attendants, and maintenance staff. Each hostel has a Warden from the teaching faculty of the colleges who is responsible for the discipline, maintenance of building, allotment of rooms etc.

Sapthagiri Institute of Physiotherapy have Boys hostel and girls hostel are in separate blocks of the SIMS & RC campus.

Each room is well furnished and every floor of the hostel has amenities like restrooms and bathrooms. There is a separate kitchen and spacious dining halls equipped with ultra-modern facilities for the resident students. The water supply is available 24 hours and hot-water is supplied for bathing purposes. Electric generators are pressed into service in the event of electricity failure.

It consists of a vast spacious building with a good number of rooms accommodating a vast capacity of students. Warden, Assistant warden and other managerial staff takes care of the maintenance of the hostel. The hostel is endowed with a library; indoor games like table tennis and badminton are available for the students. The hostel is also provided with diesel generator in the event of electricity failure as a backup facility.

Each hostel has security, Study room, Mess and Visitors room facilities available. They are all supervised by the warden along with monitored by the teaching staffs.


Indore & Outdoor Games Facilities Available

Indore Games : Chess, Table Tennis, Caroms

Outdoor Games : Football, Cricket, Throw Ball, Volly Ball, Ball Badmintom

Student Counseling Services

Our counselling services are aimed at cater to your needs. Your mental wellness is our priority. These services will help you to deal with Tension, Anxiety, Academic Stress, Family issues, Loneliness, Frustration, Low Self-Esteem, lack of concentration, Sleeplessness or Suicidal thoughts, and more.

We have qualified counselors who will cater to your specific needs. This facility is completely free and dedicated to the mental wellbeing of the students.


The institute own a fleet of well maintained buses for the transportation of students to hostels, hospital, college & Community postings.