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Facilities for students and faculties

Class rooms

We maintain separate classroom facilities, all of which are suitable for more than 100 students. All classrooms are equipped with a dry ease board, projection screens, computer system, multimedia projectors and smart boards.


Our library’s mission is to make its resources available and useful to the students and to sustain and preserve the collection of knowledge and creativity for future generation. Reference and study materials are available to the students and teachers in the form of a well stocked library with books, journals & magazines of Indian & foreign edition. Around 14100 books and the library also subscribes for journals and 1000 e books on the relevant subjects.


The institute own a fleet of well maintained buses for the transportation of students to hostels, hospital, college & Community postings.


The college has a department based laboratory facility for the students and teachers.

Common rooms for boys and girls

There is a separate boys and girls common rooms in each with adequate facilities of attach toilet. Drinking water, well arrangement of sitting for 120 students.

Clinical facility

A well equipped hospital with 1500 bedded and access to all the wards and clinical exposure are available for the students and faculties.

It infrastructure

A sophisticated computer lab with the latest version is made available. Students can make use of internet facilities for references.

Carrier development programme & leadership development programme

We are concentrating on career development and leadership development of students by conducting professional classes.


Each Students have been guided by Experienced and specialized Physiotherapy faculties. This is focused on sharing knowledge and perspective between faculties and students. The aim of this program is to filling the gaps to accelerate the academic performance. Students enjoyed this program and the feedback was they are benefitted to their maximum for overcoming their hurdles in professional development.

Step by Step progression of each student is monitored by the allotted mentor and feedback is given to respective students and their parents regularly.