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Research overview & Committee

Research overview

Research activity is an essential part of an institution and it's been continuously promoted by encouraging all Teachers/faculties and Students to involve and undertake research.

A Research Committee has been formed to coordinate, oversee and implement all research activities in the institution.

Sapthagiri institute of Physiotherapy is recognized for research activities and offering MPT programmes. Research projects in specific areas and inter-disciplinary research are undertaken by students and teachers.

Vast opportunities are made available to students and teachers for research activities by participating in seminars, conferences, and workshops. Facilities such as journals and a library are also provided.

Many Research papers are authored by our faculty members and students have been published in journals, books and as proceedings in National and International Conferences.

Research Committee

All members are effectively engaged in the research activities

Mr A. Sridhar Principal/HOD Chairperson
Mr. Arun Kumar T.H. Professor Research Coordinator
Mr. Kamalasekar E Professor Member
Mr. Mohan Raj K Professor Member
Mr. Madhu Vebaku Assoc Professor Member
Ms. Ponkarunamani Asst Professor Member
Mr. Yuvaraj Asst Professor Member
Ms. Gloria Raju Lecturer Member
Mr. Akhil P Lecturer Member
Ms. Ashly Alexander Lecturer Member
Ms. Ashila Lecturer Member
Ms. Bindhya Shree Lecturer Member
Ms. Falguni Paul Ass Professor Member

Committee responsibilities

The Research Committee will:

Maintain excellent and encourage multidisciplinary research among faculty and students.

Identify and oversee the quality of research and research training, including associated risks and solutions.

Oversee development and implementation of the research framework to ensure quality in research courses and subjects.

Monitor compliance with high standards and consider reports on this relevant to the committee and ensure appropriate actions where required and taken.

Promote highest standards of academic quality and maintain overall research integrity.