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Alisha Dhukhwa

It was a wonderful experience at Sapthagiri Institute of Physiotherapy, with excellent exposure provided across various platforms. The relationship between faculty and students is very cordial, allowing me to excel further. The four and half years spent here were splendid and helped me grow better professionally and personally. I want to thank SIPT and all faculties for moulding my personality and inspiring me to achieve my goal of pursuing BPT successfully.

Afi Libana Thomas   

My life in sapthagiri was awesome. Unforgettable moments. Though we were few students, we never felt like that; It was like a family. We had excellent teaching faculties. They have guided and helped us like anything. It was because of them that we all had reached a good position. It was a mesmerizing and amazing life in sapthagiri.

Sreelekshmi. A 

Good, Happy and proud to say that I am from SIPT alumni.The time I spent here helped me grow better professionally and personally. Besides everything, this college gave me faithful friends and Confidence to face challenges. Thank you to all the faculty members of SIPT for the support and mentorship throughout.

Akhilesh pandit   

Enriching environment for learning as well as working in this college. Good guidance from the teacher as well as senior and junior. All the facilities are appropriate for physiotherapy students who wanna join this Institution.

Meghana BN 

Good Institution for uplifting my Career and Dreams. I have become more Confidence enough to explore new things in my academics due to this Institution.

Pavi Wilson   

I was once a disbeliever in this BPT course. Still, later on, I understood the efficacy of this course and got efficient knowledge about this field around the world by proper and well-guided Lecturers and staffs in Sapthagiri Institute of physiotherapy which was showing us a betterment for future and this knowledge would be delivered the same with an improved way of skills to other youngsters who are ongoing in the physiotherapy field. 

Joga Kavya chandrika 

The events that I took part in helping me grow my confidence level In college. All staff helped me by guiding me and clearing all doubts. I've achieved good results in the time I've been here.


I have the full support and help in our department, and I gained more exposure with patients in college life, and I got more skills and patient handling.

Akhil kumar G   

Gained knowledge regarding the field and had various opportunities to explore.

Ranganatha M   

one of the best colleges in physiotherapy  I gained more knowledge, and now I have the Confidence to be a good physiotherapist. 

Prerana Jain 

Had a good experience in this college. There was good exposure of patients and got good hands-on practical.

Navjot Kaur   

Had a good experience in this college. I had good exposure to patients and could update myself more practically.

Theijaswini. P    

Had a good experience in this college during my work here and gained practical knowledge.

Hema eldo   

It was a nice experience in my College life. I had got a lot of efficient knowledge about my course.

Devan G S 

It was a nice experience during my college life, having a lot of experience with a lot of memories and getting efficient knowledge about my field.

Anju Madhu 

Good experience, nice clinical exposure


Had a very good experience in this college. It's a really good experience treating patients, and I am looking forward to more of it.

Nahiji Mohamed zatheer

Best clinical and theoretical experience, practical knowledge, extracurricular skills developments.